Why Use Matassa Toffolo?

Part of the new displays at Nuffield College, Oxford and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, devised by Matassa Toffolo

The value of a single work of art or your entire collection – as well as your enjoyment in it – can be increased by the museum-standard services Matassa Toffolo offer.


By looking after it well:
– Reporting on its condition
– Organising preventive and remedial conservation work as necessary
– Installing it safely

By enhancing its appearance:
– Selecting period- and design-appropriate framing and glazing, using conservation-grade materials
– Installing it so that it is in balance and proportion with its surroundings and other works of art, thereby enhancing its appearance and looking the best it can in your home or office

By delivering the added dimension:
– Producing museum-standard catalogue information on the work
– Researching its history/provenance and subject-matter and bringing these factors out in accompanying interpretation